Brazing (furnace & atmospheric)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions has extensive experience in assembly and furnace brazing of engineered components. Continuous mesh belt brazing is utilized at several locations and is the best solution for high volume brazing jobs. Bluewater's North America facilities specialize in high-volume automotive component brazing using continuous mesh belt furnaces. 

Atmospheres available include disassociated ammonia, exothermic, hydrogen, and vacuum. Copper, nickel, nicro, and silver brazing are utilized with either paste or wire pre-forms.

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Bluewater is capable of meeting the requirements of AWS C3.6:2008 & MIL SPEC MIL-B-7883 C TYPE II Furnace Brazing specifications. Automated paste application is a specialty of Bluewater and many jobs utilize robotics or automation to apply brazing paste into each joint repeatedly and consistently to eliminate the possibility of human error.

Our Brazing Process

Typical brazing assembly steps include joint design, the creation of a gap for capillary filling, surface sanitization of the metals, assembly of the components with braze filler metal in the form of a paste or pre-form, and an appropriate heating and cooling cycle. The furnace heating cycle is designed to allow for melting of the braze filler metal, capillary flow of the liquid braze filler metal to completely fill the joint, and then cooling to allow the filler metal to solidify in the joint and join the assembly together. The type of heating method used is determined by the size of the components and required production rates.

Brazing pastes can also be applied in numerous ways. Bluewater’s facilities utilize positive displacement via applicator gun, pneumatic placement via syringe or cartridge, and automated robot systems. These methods of applying paste via bead or continuous stripes are the most cost-effective means of applying paste for brazing. Our technicians will help determine the most cost-effective method based on the type of paste that is employed.

Bluewater has project management skills and the staff in place to handle large projects and additional requirements secondary to brazing such as component procurement and inventory management, assembly, welding, staking, leak testing, CMM dimensional inspections and outside plating procurement.

Preparation, Secondary Operations, and Inspections Available 
  • Component procurement
  • Assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Crimping
  • Laboratory testing / Microstructure
  • Leak testing
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Press-fit assembly
  • Projection weld
  • Resistance weld
  • Staking
  • CMM inspection
  • Plating
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