Boronized Solutions

For better corrosion resistance, reduced wear and erosion protection, boronizing is the ultimate solution for increased ROI in high temperature and extreme downhole conditions.

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The Ultimate Corrosion and Wear Reduction Solution
BOR-1CR Tubing
Keeps wells producing longer while greatly reducing tubing failures and expensive work over operations

As oil production becomes more challenging, operators are demanding creative solutions for reducing operating costs and increasing well productivity and uptime. BOR-1CR boronized tubing extends the well string life by reducing the frequency of tubing failures.

BOR-1CR boronized tubing was designed to extend tubing life and improves both the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of oil country tubular goods (OCTG). Borided tubing performs especially well in rod-pumped wells where corrosion combined with rod on tubing wear leads to tubing string failures. Boronized tubing also performs well in ESP and other types of wells where corrosion pitting and sand erosion from pump discharges are the main causes of tubing failures. By extending the life of tubing, expensive workovers can be performed less frequently which dramatically saves annual operating costs while increasing the uptime and lifespan of each well.

Extend the service life of your components
Boronized Components
Case hardening for extreme corrosion resistance of components, parts & accessories

Borided steel is extremely corrosion resistant against H2S, CO2, and produced brine which helps prevent corrosion pitting and wear-corrosion mechanism failures. Our boronizing process, known for its high-quality standards, gives your components the resistance necessary to stand up to the most intense corrosive conditions over the long haul. Borided Steel is also extremely wear and erosion resistant which helps prevent material loss due to sand erosion and/or metal on metal abrasive wear. Because the boride layer is a diffusion layer, not a coating, it eliminates the concern of flaking, peeling, delaminating, or material coming loose and causing a machine malfunction. Our process of boronizing can be applied to:

  • Pup Joints
  • Rod Couplings
  • Sucker Rods
  • Plungers
  • Pump Stages
  • Desanding Mandrels
  • Sand Separators
  • Other Accessories
Boronized Components
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How is Bluewater Thermal Solutions different?

“With Bluewater's BOR-1Cr Borided Tubing...essentially we are now getting 2-3x longer tubing life in an aggressive environment."

As the largest U.S. provider of boriding solutions, Bluewater offers high-volume boriding of small to medium-sized parts for a variety of industries including oil and gas, agriculture chemical, and even turf management. With a substantial presence in Houston, Texas, Bluewater's boronizing plant treats thousands of tubes, components, and borided accessories each month for customers around the world.

Customers are now switching to Bluewater Thermal Solution's boronizing treatment because of the drastic cost savings and improvement in service life over untreated components or components with an alternative treatment. While alternative treatments may be available at a lower price, boronizing treatments have been proven to give the best performance. The improvement in service life gained by boronizing treatments is an excellent value and provides the best return on investment. Calculate how much you could save today >

Bluewater's solution also gives you the extra benefit of corrosion resistance and higher yield strength because of our high standard of using a 1Cr steel tube instead of mild steel.

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