Casting and Forging Heat Treatments

Bluewater Thermal Solutions provides thermal processing and metal joining at commercial heat treatment and brazing plants across North America. Our Chicago locations specialize in high volume heat treatment of castings and forgings.

The heat treatment processes for castings and forgings are performed in large volume continuous roller hearth furnaces or continuous mesh belt furnaces in order to provide competitive pricing and be able to meet high volume production demands. Heat treatment of castings and forgings is performed in a protective atmosphere to prevent scaling or oxidation of the forgings and castings which eliminates the need to perform blasting after heat treat to remove scale and oxidation. Many parts also have internal passageways, blind holes or small bores which are difficult to blast clean. Atmosphere heat treatment solves problems with scale forming in these areas.

Blasting is expensive and time consuming and eliminating this operation saves our customers time and money.

Custom Consultation from Expert Metallurgists

Bluewater has full-time metallurgists on staff for customer consultations, process development and to perform inspection, testing, and microstructural evaluation of castings and forgings after heat treatment.

Additional Heat Treat Services for Castings and Forgings

Normalizing, annealing, stress relief, and hardening are all processes that are routinely performed in our large volume continuous furnaces. Heat treatment of plain carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and ductile iron are all performed. Our Chicago plants have the capacity to process over 500,000 lbs of castings and forgings per day and truckload quantities are received and shipped every day.

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