Solution Annealing Service

Heat treatment services for stainless steel and metal alloys

The solution annealing (also referred to as solution treating) is a common heat-treatment process for many different families of metals. Stainless steels, aluminum alloys, nickel-based superalloys, titanium alloys, and some copper-based alloys all may require solution annealing.

The purpose of solution annealing is to dissolve any precipitates present in the material, and transform the material at the solution annealing temperature into a single phase structure. At the end of the solution annealing process, the material is rapidly quenched down to room temperature to avoid any precipitation from occurring during cooling through lower temperature ranges. The single phase solution annealed material will be in a soft state after treatment.

The solution annealing treatment is required prior to age hardening/precipitation hardening. The single-phase microstructure created during solution annealing is required prior to age hardening, such that only the precipitates formed during age hardening will be present in the final product. The composition, size, and quantities of those precipitates formed during aging will determine the final product's hardness, strength, and mechanical properties after aging. It is critical that the structure be properly solution treated prior to aging in order to meet all of these requirements.

Materials suited for solution annealing include:

  • Stainless Steels: Austenitic stainless steels like 304, 316, and 321.
  • Nickel Alloys: Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Hastelloy C-276.
  • Aluminum Alloys: 2000 series (e.g., 2024), 6000 series (e.g., 6061), 7000 series (e.g., 7075).
  • Titanium Alloys: Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5) and other titanium alloys.
  • Copper Alloys: Brasses and bronzes.

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High-quality solution annealing service

We recognize how important it is to our clients that the finished product we create demonstrates exceptional quality and purity. To achieve this goal, we have invested heavily in our machinery, as well as implemented rigorous quality-control standards that ensure your work is completed to the very highest standard at every stage of solution heat treatment. Our experienced team is able to successfully undertake solution heat treatment on a wide variety of projects. Contact us to learn how we might be able to help you on your next project: (877) 990-0050.

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