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Our Safety Philosophy 

Bluewater Thermal Solutions believes that the safety of their employees is of utmost importance, along with quality, production, and cost-control. Bluewater maintains safe operating procedures at all times and complies with appropriate safety, security laws and regulations as established by OSHA, EPA, DOT and all other applicable federal, state, and local safety and health regulations. The following principles support this philosophy,

  • All injuries and accidents are preventable through establishment and compliance with safe work practices and procedures.
  • The prevention of bodily injury and safeguarding of health are the primary considerations in all workplace actions and are the responsibility of every employee at every level.
  • Written safety plans describing the safe work practices and procedures to be practiced in workplace actions are an essential element of the overall workplace safety program. 
  • All employees at every level are responsible for knowing and following the safety practices described in the written safety plans.
  • Off the job, all employees should be similarly safe and demonstrate awareness of potential hazards.

Plant and Employee Safety Program

Safety is a priority at Bluewater's thirteen plants. Every month a Bluewater Thermal Solutions Safety Manager travels to every plant location and provides monthly safety training seminars, holds monthly safety committees, performs mock OSHA audits, and spends time on the plant floor correcting any safety issues.

Our General Managers participate in safety committee teams and promote a safety-first mentality. 

From the General Managers to the employees on the plant floor, Bluewater's employees are encouraged to voice their suggestions and concerns on safety-related topics and participate in the monthly safety committee as well as in frequent training courses. 

With the constant promotion of safety process and values, Bluewater Thermal Solutions' safety record numbers (including injuries and near misses) have decreased each year for the last five years and counting.

Safety Awards and Ratings 

In addition to complying with OSHA's safety standards and protocols, Bluewater has received various awards and positive ratings from organizations rewarding safety in manufacturing.

Recent Safety Accomplishments
  • 2018 – (Current) DART rating of 0.69 (below OSHA's industry average)
  • 2017 – Company-wide DART rating of 1.76 (below OSHA's industry average) 
  • 2016 – Company-wide DART rating of 2.40 (below OSHA's industry average) 
  • 2015 – Received the MSHARP silver award at the Coldwater, MI plant. 
  • 2015 – Company-wide DART rating of 2.36 (below OSHA's industry average) 
  • 2014 – Company-wide DART rating of 3.25 (below OSHA's industry average) 

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