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continuous heat treatment

Hardening & Tempering Heat Treatment

Bluewater Thermal Solutions' hardening process enlists a wide variety of metal heat treatment solutions designed to increase the hardness, strength, and fatigue life of metal parts and components.

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carburizing heat treatment

Carburizing Services & Carbonitriding Services

Carburizing heat treatment is a case hardening process in which a metal part or component of low carbon content is heated in a carbon-rich gas atmosphere. The process of heating the metal component in a high carbon environment allows for diffusion of carbon atoms directly into the surface of the part that needs to be case hardened.

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Normalizing Heat Treating Services

Normalizing Heat Treatment & Metal Stress Relieving Services

The functions of normalizing may overlap with or easily be confused with those of annealing, hardening, and stress relieving; however, they are not interchangeable, and the final use of the product must be considered when determining which method to use. This process may increase or decrease the strength and hardness of metal in a given product form, depending on the thermal and mechanical history of the product.

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induction  heat treatment

Induction Hardening Service

Our induction hardening service is a form of heat treatment Bluewater utilizes to selectively harden a metal part or component via localized heating where only some surfaces of a metal part are heated while the remainder of the part stays cold during processing. The localized heating is accomplished using a solid state electric power supply that sends an electrical current through an inductor coil that is wrapped around the surfaces of the part to be heated. 

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Brazing (furnace & atmospheric)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions' furnace brazing services include assembly and furnace brazing aluminum of engineered components, variety of different types of metals including nickel alloys, carbon, and alloy steels as well as stainless steel, aluminum, copper an even titanium. Our facilities specialize in high-volume automotive component brazing using continuous mesh belt furnaces. Atmospheres available include disassociated ammonia, exothermic, hydrogen, and vacuum. Copper, nickel, nicro, and silver brazing are utilized with either paste or wire pre-forms.

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Metal Heat Treating Solutions

Annealed Stainless Steel

Bluewater has the capability to perform bright annealing of stainless steel in continuous belt furnaces. Continuous furnaces allow for a constant stream of parts to pass through an annealing furnace and are the most economical way to process high volumes of components. It also has the advantage of having parts being placed in thin layers on a mesh belt instead of batch processing where large masses of bulk material are treated at once. The thin layered parts will heat and cool more uniformly, producing consistent results from part to part throughout the load. The thin layers of parts also are less prone to distortion than bulk loading techniques normally used in vacuum.

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Specialty Heat Treating

ferritic nitrocarburizing services

Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Services (FNC)

Our ferritic nitrocarburizing service (FNC) imparts high surface hardness, improved wear resistance and fatigue resistance to a wide variety of carbon steel, alloy steel and cast iron parts. Because the process is carried out at temperatures below 1100 F, retention of core properties and good dimensional control are achieved. In many applications, FNC treatment also improves corrosion resistance through the formation of a continuous compound layer on the workpiece surface which can allow for the elimination of subsequent protective plating operations or application of rust preventive.

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Bluewater Heat Treating Services

Age Hardening Services / Precipitation Hardening Services

Our specialized Age Hardening Service, also known as Precipitation Hardening, is designed to elevate the tensile and yield strength of a wide range of materials, including alloys of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, nickel, and select stainless steels.

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Nitriding Heat Treatment

Nitriding Heat Treatment

Explore the exceptional benefits of our Nitriding Heat Treatment services, a specialized process designed to fortify the surfaces of ferrous materials through the infusion of nitrogen atoms at sub-critical temperatures. This transformative method results in the creation of a robust, wear-resistant, and fatigue-resistant nitrided case beneath the surface. Nitriding heat treatment emerges as a strategic choice for precision parts, offering a unique blend of subcritical temperatures, minimal distortion, and protective atmospheres.

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Annealed stainless steel

Solution Annealing Service

The solution annealing process (also referred to as solution treating) is a common heat-treatment process for many different families of metals. Stainless steels, aluminum alloys, nickel-based superalloys, titanium alloys, and some copper-based alloys all may require solution annealing.

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How is Bluewater Thermal Solutions different?

“With Bluewater's BOR-1Cr Borided Tubing...essentially we are now getting 2-3x longer tubing life in an aggressive environment."

As the largest U.S. provider of boriding solutions, Bluewater offers high-volume boriding of small to medium-sized parts for a variety of industries including oil and gas, agriculture chemical, and even turf management. With a substantial presence in Houston, Texas, Bluewater's boronizing plant treats thousands of tubes, components, and borided accessories each month for customers around the world.

Customers are now switching to Bluewater Thermal Solution's boronizing treatment because of the drastic cost savings and improvement in service life over untreated components or components with an alternative treatment. While alternative treatments may be available at a lower price, boronizing treatments have been proven to give the best performance. The improvement in service life gained by boronizing treatments is an excellent value and provides the best return on investment. Calculate how much you could save today >

Bluewater's solution also gives you the extra benefit of corrosion resistance and higher yield strength because of our high standard of using a 1Cr steel tube instead of mild steel.

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