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Working With Top Metal Heat Treating Companies in Pennsylvania

As one of the top metal heat treating companies in Pennsylvania, Bluewater Thermal offers two different locations with specialized services at each facility. This allows us to coordinate with our customers and direct their orders to the closest plant with the equipment, expert staff, and experienced team to complete the order to the exacting standards our customers expect with our heat treating services.

Ridgeway, PA

Located close to the industrial production areas of Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron, and Pittsburgh, our Ridgeway, PA facility is set up to provide a full range of induction heat treatment services. We specialize in induction heat treating of powdered metal components to provide highly precise case hardening. This is an effective way to treat only the required surface areas on a part or component, ensuring a long life cycle at the lowest possible cost.

Unlike many metal heat treating companies, this facility is also able to provide magnetic particle inspection, and we offer an in-house metallurgical laboratory with the capability for providing any metal product testing requirements our customers may have.

Saint Marys, PA 

Not far from the Ridgeway facility is our Bluewater- St. Marys location. Here can process parts using our continuous mesh belt or batch furnaces. As this is the central location in the state for the production of powdered metal parts, we are able to provide the full spectrum of thermal processes for these parts and components.

For more information contact the Saint Marys, Pennsylvania facility at 814-781-6262 or the Ridgeway, Pennsylvania facility at 814-389-1103.

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