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Why Bluewater Thermal is the Best Option of Houston Metal Heat Treating Companies

Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas, and the 4th largest in the United States. It has a thriving industrial sector that includes oil and gas, petrochemical refining, aerospace and avionics, as well as manufacturing and fabrication of everything from telecommunication systems to agricultural equipment.

In Houston, Bluewater Thermal Solutions has quickly developed a reputation as the top in the oil and gas heat treating companies in the state. While the heat treating services we offer from this location are geared towards oil and gas, we also provide a range of other thermal processing options for industries in the area.

Geared To the Need Of Our Customers

As one of the top metal heat treating companies, we are able to work closely with oil and gas industry companies to create the specific heat treating services they require.

We have the capacity for high-volume production requirements for boronizing heat treatment in Houston. To meet the needs of the oil and gas industry parts and components, we have custom-made car bottom furnaces that can heat parts up to 24 feet long, with water or polymer quenching as needed.

In addition, we can straighten parts to meet any dimensional specifications, including annealing, aging, hardening, normalizing and solution treatment for small to large components.

To find out more about the services we offer in this area, and to see why we are considered the top option in oil and gas heat treating companies, contact us today at 281-442-6694.

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